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How To Make An Animated Video For YouTube For Free

by Stephanie Mckenzie March 14, 2019 no comment

YouTube has now become more than a video sharing and streaming platform. With the option to monetize content, individuals and brands alike are now viewing YouTu...

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The 8 Best Free & Paid Animation Software to Create Videos

by book November 18, 2021 no comment

To be effective, a marketing strategy worthy of the name must diversify its communication media. For this, you need to use the best tools for quality creation. In this sense, you may need to use animated videos to get people talking about your brand...

Top 10 Best Tools to Create Your Animated Videos

by book November 18, 2021 no comment

Video is a powerful marketing tool. In fact, 85% of internet users watch video content at least once a month. However, it is not always easy to stream video content. Maybe you are running out of ideas. Or maybe you’re camera shy. Or you donR...

Best Practices for Creating Engaging Videos with Animation

by book October 22, 2021 no comment

Video animation is a great way to communicate a message or teach a lesson. It’s been around since the 1800s and has been used for everything from Disney movies to documentaries that teach viewers about different topics. Video animation is becom...

How to Make Animated Videos That Can Promote Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

by book October 21, 2021 no comment

The more you know about cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, the better you’ll understand who your customer base is. That knowledge will help you design ads that engage rather than alienate potential customers. At work, it makes for happier em...

12 Awesome Medical and Healthcare Explainer Videos to Inspire You

by book October 20, 2021 no comment

We all are aware of the video-marketing trend. We have watched one video or more on the internet where there is a small video icon with some catchy text above it asking us to click on it to know about something interesting. So, these videos have beco...

2D or 3D Animation? Which to Choose?

by book October 19, 2021 no comment

You don’t know which one to choose? If the 2D or 3D one, it depends on the type of project to be carried out. But in my case, given the experience I have in creating 2D animations, I prefer animating objects that can only be moved horizontally ...

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