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Animation Process

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Years of experience have enabled us to simplify our video production process as much as possible. All you need to do is provide us with a small brief of your project to tell us what you are looking for and we will manage the rest. We appreciate your feedback at every step of our way!

Here is how it works in a nutshell.

01. Creative Brief

The animation process starts with an extensive brief of your project. During this time our animation consultant will stay in contact with you until a mutual decision is reached at and it is ensured that you are fully satisfied with the direction we are heading towards.

02. Script

The main objective here is your message. We begin with a script for your video that can either be narrated by our voice-over artists or simply animated according to your requirements.

03. Storyboard & Characters

Now we do the storyboarding that gives a visual image to your message followed by the customization of characters. We also make sure that your audience is fully engrossed in the video once it’s out.

04. Voiceover

This is the most interesting step of the production process; adding an appealing and expressive voice is where it all starts coming to life.

05. Animation & SFX

At this step, we set things in motion through bringing together the script, the story and the characters. This is when things get spiced up with some really cool sound effects for that perfect reaction from the audience.

06. Finalized & Published

Hurrah! We have reached the final step of our process. After some finishing touches, the characters, voiceovers and animators ensure perfection of the final product. You can now sit back and wait for some great reviews about your brand!

Don’t forget how important you are to us! We need your input at every step to help us learn and grow. In return, we promise to keep you updated hoping for an honest feedback along the way.

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From small business ventures to huge enterprises, we have helped them all write their story. If you wish to tell your story to the world, we are at your service!

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